4-in-1 floor cleaning and disinfection

Leading the way in floor cleaning innovation, Conquest is excited to bring the latest in floor cleaning innovation to Australia, direct from Italy.

Now, a select range of our Conquest scrubbers can be customised with specialty disinfectant misters - allowing you to perform up to four actions simultaneously:

1. Pre-sweep

2. Scrub floors

3. Dry floors

4. Sanitise surfaces


How does it work?

Whilst the scrubber carries out the usual cleaning activity, the sanitising liquid is sprayed in a 3 metre arc by groups of nozzles above the tank and at the base of the machine.


Why is it effective?

These optional customisations use electrostatic technology, which electrically charges the particles of the disinfection chemical. The particles are forced to repel each other and in turn maintain a constant distance creating a uniform distribution. These charged particles are attracted to the surfaces at which they are directed, guaranteeing 360-degree coverage and ensuring surfaces are sanitised and clean.


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